This trek will be designed for the sole purpose of spiritual healing and to reconnect the Veteran or family member with nature. By teaming up with Wolf Walker, a Native American Spiritual Leader, Veterans Trek will aim to expose Veterans, and their family members, to some of the old traditional healing methods that have been proven by the Native American peoples for centuries.

The trek will run between five (5) and seven (7) days to allow the Veteran, or family member, to be immersed in nature, and the teachings of Wolf Walker, so that the students can get the maximum effect of the course. The Veterans Trek team (certified Peer Mentors) will lead the actual trekking portion of this course.

Each day the participants will be led on a lengthy hike to ensure a challenging experience. The reason behind this is to activate the body and mind, and to burn off stored energy that can sometimes cause inattentiveness. These challenging treks will galvanize the group and bring out the peer support that Veterans Trek prides itself on. Physical activity, peer support and mission oriented goals is the perfect setting for the healing process to begin.

Throughout the day the group will stop for a few hours to participate in activities with Wolf Walker. These activities will be focused on some of the traditional teachings of the Native Americans. Theses classes will be designed to subconsciously help the Veterans/family members become more present and aware of their environment, past experiences and themselves as human beings. To heal from the wounds of war, Veterans Trek aims to help support the process of unearthing these traumas in a controlled environment. Through the spiritual guidance of Wolf Walker and the peer-to-peer support from Veterans Trek, this program aims to break through the barriers built up by the ego to ignite the true self, starting the healing process.

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Some activities planned for this trek are:

  • Welcome home (from war) ceremony
  • Medicine pouch making
  • Plant identification- healing properties/ edible plants
  • Lecture(s) on traditional healing, War, belief systems about the environment.

Wolf Walker Trek Coming Soon!

Registration is currently closed for this trek. More details to follow.

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