If you’re interested in having Tom or Anthony come speak to your group, we would be more than happy to do so. We have extensive experience speaking with a host of different groups including students, Veterans, and business/professional presentations. Both Tom and I are available to speak on topics ranging from our military service, our adjustment issues after war, Veteran issues, Veterans Trek, and all points in between. We are available to speak as individuals, together, or as members of a panel.

Presentations can be catered to meet your needs including the use of media (pictures, videos) and topic. We ask that you contact us at least two weeks prior to the engagement so all arrangements can be made.

Please contact us at info@veteranstrek.org

“For the past few years, I have been incredibly fortunate to work with Tom and Anthony and see them speak and interact with a variety of people, from middle school students to adults to veterans. They conducted a distance presentation for our entire middle school on Veterans Day in 2013, and they had the entire student body and faculty riveted with their story and humble persona. The guys came to school in April to complete their tale in person and share their journey. Both assemblies were considered highlights of the year for all participants involved! Tom and Anthony present their experiences and message in an emotional and personal manner, and no one leaves the room without appreciating their service and supporting their mission. They field all questions with a great sense of humor and humility, and they make sure that the audience leaves with a true sense of what needs to be done for our veterans. It is an honor to work with them and call them friends!”

Chuck Taft

University School of Milwaukee

“I have been an admirer and supporter of both Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson from the first day I met them. Both represent the best of patriotic youth and selfless determination to serve.

I recently had the honor of being at a speaking engagement with Tom when he was one of the key presenters. His delivery, his bearing, and his calm but strong presentation was spell-binding for the audience as he shared his heart about his walk across the country with Anthony. To say that people were moved by Tom’s story doesn’t quite capture his impact. During the Q and A that followed, it was obvious that the questions from the audience were not of curiosity about the journey, but more about honor and respect for the individual of strong beliefs and action. That speaks volumes about the power of this young man.

It was my honor as a Vietnam Veteran to stand along side of Tom at the conclusion.”

Paul Baffico

Board Member,Lake-McHenry Veterans and Family Services

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