What it was like to finish


Since finishing our trek, the question we’ve been asked most (beyond how our feet are doing) has been what was it like to finish. Where we/ are we happy to be done?

These are difficult questions to answer even after four weeks to think about it. The answers won’t happen tonight.

Finishing was a blur. As we approached the end, I began to think about what was ending, not what was beginning. Often, during the walk, I found myself thinking about the end and how excited I was to go home and start...

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Getting near the end


We find ourselves just 12 short days from finishing what has been an extraordinary walk. On February 1st, we will find ourselves at the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, CA, no longer looking West for our future. Rather, we will turn around, begin our drive home, and look East for progress for the first time in five months.

Lately, many people have broached the topic of “the end.” How do we feel? What do we think? How do we look at this trek in the context of a life achievement? Many questions about the trek...

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A blog from a supporter


Charles has been helping us out the last few days. This blog is from him.

While most people were getting ready to bring in the New Year with friends and family or maybe some crazy trip to LA, Vegas or even Time Square to watch the ball drop, I was getting my house ready for two strangers I had never meet but would be supporting them with transportation, food, and shelter for the next 2 weeks.

I served in the Army National Guard from May 1998 – May 2007, I first joined the Arizona Army National Guard where I...

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